Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-inspired Intelligence, Fudan University

Project 1: Deep brain stimulation for movement disorders, neuropathic pain, depression and epilepsy

Project 2: Neurophysiological and neural circuitry mechanisms of TMS for depression and schizophrenia

Project 3: Neurophysiological and neural circuitry mechanisms of tES for depression, neuropathic pain, stroke and schizophrenia

Project 4: Advanced technology development for intelligent neuromodulation

Project 5: Dynamic high-dimensional neural decoding of cognitive, sensory and motor functions with neurophysiological and neuroimaging information

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Full time, 2~4 years

Job vacancies: 5-8

Funding source: Shanghai Key Science and Technology Program ‘Brain and Brain-inspired Intelligence’, 870M RMB


  • PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering, Computing, Electronics Engineering, Mathematics, Neuroscience, or Clinical Medicine, or related areas.
  • Minimum of one first-author publication in an international scientific journal.
  • Fluency in oral/written English and excellent communication skills.
  • Strong team-spirit and ability to work independently.
  • Maximum age limit is generally 35.
  • Effectively carry out neuromodulation research on cognitive function and neurological or psychiatric diseases.

Salary and Welfare

  • Salary: RMB 180000-250000 yuan (before tax).
  • Housing benefits including post-doctoral apartment or rental subsidy.
  •  Immigration support for spouse and children.
  •  Excellent scientific research environment and support for applications to the Shanghai Natural Science Foundation and the National Natural Science Foundation and other funding bodies.
  •  Support for applications to the Post-doctoral Abroad Visiting Fellowship Program.

(The above content will be according to regulations of Fudan University and the Shanghai Talent Center).

Research Team

Shouyan Wang, Professor, Vice Dean of Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-inspired Intelligence, Fudan University

Jianfeng Feng, Professor, Dean of Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-inspired Intelligence, Fudan University

Valerie Voon, MRC Senior Clinical Fellow, University of Cambridge, President of the British Neuropsychiatry Association/ Fudan University

Ying Mao, Director of Huashan Hospital (West Campus)

International Collaborators

Peter Brown, Professor of Experimental Neurology, University of Oxford, Director of the Medical Research Council Brain Network Dynamics Unit at the University of Oxford

Barbara Sahakian, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge

Trevor Robbins, Professor of Psychology, University of Cambridge

Application Procedure

  • For interested applicants, please submit application packages including a CV (with a personal photo and a list of publications) and files of your representative works.

For further information please contact and attach your CV with a list of selected publications.