Important Dates

2019.6.22 Online Registration

2019.10.17 Deadline for early registration and abstracts submission

2019.10.25 Deadline for online registration

Date and place

Date: Workshop 6th -7th November

Symposium 8th -10th  November

Place: Handan Campus of  Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Online registration: 22th June – 25th October, 2019


2019.11.7 13:00pm-18:00pm

Address:Room 2403,East Main Building of Guanghua Tower,220 Handan Road,Yangpu District,Shanghai,China.

2019.11.8 All Day

Address: Room 102,East Sub building of Guanghua Tower, 220 Handan Road,Yangpu District,Shanghai,China.

Registration Fees

Payments should be made in RMB . Online Payment methods: WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay,Visa and Mastercard.  (symposium fees including tuition, paper materials, lunch and 8th November’s dinner, excluding dinner on 9th-10th November and accommodation; workshop fees including tuition, paper materials and lunch, excluding dinner and accommodation).

Early Registration have been postponed for a week to coincide with the annual meeting of the Chinese Neuroscience Society.

Registration CategoriesEarly Registration(22th June -17th October)Late Registration(18th October -25th October)Onsite Registration(5th November-9th November)
Symposium: Regular (researchers, postdocs, clinicians)RMB 1500 yuanRMB 2000 yuanRMB 2500 yuan
Symposium: StudentsRMB 1000 yuanRMB 1200 yuanRMB 1400 yuan
Symposium: Non-academicRMB 2000 yuanRMB 2500 yuanRMB 3000 yuan
WorkshopRMB 2000yuanRMB 2300 yuan

Register Now

Note: Click the button above will lead you to the ‘General Register Service System of Fudan University’. Then you need to follow these steps below to finish your registration.

When paying, Chinese users should click “Chinese” in the upper right corner to switch to the Chinese page for payment. There is no handling fee, and foreign users need to pay an additional 3% fee. Click on the upper right corner of the registration platform to switch between Chinese and English.

1. Click on the “External user login” at the upper right corner of that page.

2. Register and login.

3. Select the program named “International Symposium on Translational Research in Brain Stimulation: Neurophysiology, Neural Coding and Neural Control” on the “Registration Project” page.

4. Click on “I will sign” for the registration.

5. Fill in all the required items.

6. Pay the registration fees online.


1.Students are doctoral and master.Please present your student card for registration.Postdocs,residents and laboratory technician are not students.

2.Registration is printed by machine and can not be printed on site.Please register and pay in advance.

3.The conference site with ID card to receive registration invoice.

You can submit your abstract to E-mail ( before registration.More information can be found at website subtitle: Registration–Abstract&Poster.

Refund Instruction:

You can send refund application to our E-mail ( Before 12th October, 2019, you can get a full refund; between 13th October and 27th October, you can get a half refund; no refund application will be accepted after 28th October, 2019.  The refund procedure will be carried out after the symposium.